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Ø  一排10只耳标钉,可连续标记10只动物,效率提高5倍以上;
Ø  耳钉装载后即被固定,不用担心使用过程中脱落,操作更为精准;
Ø  316不锈钢耳钉,采用5位数字激光编码,准确区分每只动物;
Ø  适用于小鼠、大鼠、豚鼠、鱼、鸡、鸭等小动物耳标穿刺标记;
Ø  符合动物福利要求及国际流行标记趋势;
Ø  已申请中国专利证书
Small Animal Ear Tag
Research/Lab Animals
Fish Tag – (Fingerling)
Duck Foot Web
10 animals can be tagged with one loading of Smart Tager! Finish tagging the first 10 animals, thread on another clip of 10 Clark ear tags and tag another 10! A squeeze securely attaches the self-piercing, self-locking tag in the animal’s ear.
The Smart Tager lets you tag 10 animals as fast as you can go, and facilitates more accurate handling and recording of numbers (tags).
Smart Tager is specifically designed, built, and tesed for application of only Clarkbio Small Animal 10 Tags on tap. The use and/or subsequent attempted application of tags other than Clarkbio Small Animal 10 Tags on tap will viod all warranties ,express or implied, and likewise includes a disclaimer of all resulting damages whether compensatory, consequential or incidental arising from the use of other than Clark ear tags.
Single ear tag inside: 7/16" length x 9/64" height
Single ear tag outside: 9/16" length x 3/16" height x .140" width


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